One good thing about Stupor Bowl season…

TVIs that TVs go on sale.  Right now, we have three TVs in this house – a 32″ one in the living room a 19″ one in the bedroom, and the ancient-assed 19″ tube TV in my craft room. That TV is well on its way to death. But instead of just buying another 19″ flat screen for that room, I want to buy a bigger one for the living room, maybe something like 40 inches. Then, the 32″ one goes into our bedroom and the 19″ one goes into the craft room. I have told Mike of this plan, and he says that if I see a good deal on a larger TV, to go ahead and get it. So now that the Stupor Bowl is less than two weeks away, I am keeping my eyes open for a good deal.

I am also looking at scaling down on our cable a bit. We started out with the Digital Starter tier, but then upgraded to Digital Preferred because I wanted the Cooking Channel. But now Cooking Channel is getting to be just like Food Network, right down to showing reruns of that idiotic Cupcake Wars show. So now that is pointless to have, the only other channel on that tier we watch is the MLB Network, and we can honestly do without that. Most of the Red Sox games are on NESN anyway, which is on the lower tier.

I won’t make the changes until we get the new TV, because once I have the flat screen digital TV in the craft room, the cable box in there is going bye-bye. It seldom gets used as it is; I can save the cable box rental fees and mostly use it to watch over the air and streaming stuff.

But I hear that Comcast makes it extremely difficult to downgrade. So does Verizon, for that matter, that is something I have experienced. I’m hoping I can get this settled via online chat, as opposed to over the phone, because I only have the cell phone and I have to pay for what minutes I use. My plan is to tell Comcast that we’ve gotten some very good offers from DirectTV lately, and we are seriously considering switching. It’s true that DirectTV has been sending us a shit ton of junk mail, but we really are NOT interested in switching; I don’t want a fugly satellite dish on my house, and cable is actually more reliable. And I will die before I switch to the only other internet option around here, FairPoint DSL. Burt Comcast does not need to know that. Comcast does know that they have some people by the balls, if they rent, or if they bought into a homeowner’s association and are not allowed to have a dish. In our case, neither applies, we own our home and there is no annoying-assed HOA here to tell us we can’t have a dish.

However, we were wanting to get Showtime sometime down the road, as the new Twin Peaks show will be on that channel, and we are both Peaks Freaks. So if Comcast agrees to delete the shit we no longer want to save us some money, we’ll spend some of that money to get Showtime. Otherwise, up goes the fictitious fugly DirectTV dish. I’ve heard that threatening to switch works, I will soon find out how well that works.

Late last year, Amazon was offering their new Fire TV sticks for just $19 each, a savings of $20 off the regular price of $39.  Although I already had a Roku that worked fine, I ordered two of these sticks.  One was for the bedroom TV, but then i was afraid I might like it better than Roku and regret not getting one for the living room at that price, so I got two.  It turns out that these sticks work best if they are relatively close to the router.  Our router is upstairs, and although the Amazon stick worked fine on the downstairs living room TV at first, I soon started having connectivity problems with it.  Of course, this had to happen AFTER I gave that Roku away.  I have an older Roku that I haven’t given away yet, which would have worked okay, but since it’s old, Roku no longer supports it and issues software updates.  It’s good for Netflix and Hulu Plus and not too much else.  I wanted other stuff like YouTube.  So I decided to order an Apple TV device from Amazon.  I’ve become an Apple convert since I decided to get an iPhone, and then an iPad.  I got the thing and hooked it up to the living room TV, and I’m happy.  I’m keeping the Amazon stick that was there, for when I put a TV with an HDMI jack in the craft room, to replace the old tube TV.  The craft room is where the router is, and since the stick works fine on the bedroom TV, it will work fine in the same room as the router.  I just can’t use the stick in the old tube TV because there is no HDMI input.

Anyway, Best Buy so far has better TV deals than Amazon..  But I will keep looking, as the deals may well get better as we get closer to Stupor Bowl day!