Liar, liar, pants on fire!

liars fireHere’s an update to Good Riddance Virgin Mobile.  If you recall, I had to report the stupid bastards to the FCC in order to get them to finally cancel my service.  I listed my old VM iPhone 4S on Swappa, and it sold.  However, I have decided not to spend the money until he gets it and is satisfied.  I don’t foresee any problems with the condition of the phone, it still works fine, and I packaged it very well so it should not get damaged in transit.  My concern is that Virgin Mobile might give him shit about activating it.  I KNOW it’s been deactivated by VM and the MEID is clean,because Swappa checks that before letting any listing go live.  This keeps people from selling stolen phones and the like.

Anyway, today I got a letter from Sprint, which is the parent company of Virgin Mobile. It’s not quite as La Taushia L. describes.  Why don’t these reps use their last names, anyway?  Seems a bit skeevy to me.  Is La Taushia even her real first name?  Anyway, my payment was NOT declined for “insufficient funds”.  It was declined because they ran my debit card in the wee small hours of the AM, when my credit union was probably doing maintenance on their computers.  If they ran it during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS, it would have gone through.  THE MONEY WAS THERE!  I am offended that they are making me sound like a deadbeat, the one at fault here.

And yes, I did contact them on December 12 asking them to close my account.  The VM rep is trying to make it look as if they complied with this request right away.  This is NOT true.  All they did was remove my debit card from the account, but the account was still there, I was still able to log into it, and they still kept emailing me telling me to top up or put a card on file so that they could restore my service.  They refused to understand that I no longer wanted their service, I just wanted them to delete my account so I could sell the phone.  I signed up for Ting service on the day that this started (December 8), and my phone arrived on December 9.  I told the VM reps that, but they were still trying to keep me as a customer.

VM did NOT cancel my account completely until late last week.  I had been checking every few days to see if the account was still there, and one day, I could not log in.  The 60 days that they claimed were required had not passed.  The ONLY reason they closed my account when they did was because I got the FCC involved.  There is no doubt in my mind that the account would still be open if I had not have gone over VM’s heads to complain.  If they had deleted the account on the 12th as I had requested, there would have been no need to file a complaint with the FCC, now would there?

I hope the dude who bought my phone has a better experience with VM than I did.  Better yet, I hope he knows how to unlock/jailbreak this phone so he can use it with any carrier he likes.  But if he does intend to use it with VM and they give him any shit about activating it, I will gladly take it back and refund his money.  That’s why I won’t spend it just yet.

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