Best Buy SUCKS!

nobestbuyNOBODY should shop at Best Buy.  NOBODY.  I don’t care how cheap they are, what is the good of cheap prices when you have to wait forever to get your stuff?   I can’t wait for the day when they go out of business, just like the equally shitty Circuit City did years ago.

On March 22, I placed an order for a chest freezer on  All I wanted was a small, basic freezer that we can keep in the basement to store meats and stuff that we buy on sale, in bulk.  I already have a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, and I’ve gone a little crazy with buying sale stuff, dividing it into recipe-sized portions, and freezing.  But the freezer atop the fridge is really not big enough for bulk storage.  So I chose a 5 cubic foot basic GE chest freezer that went for about $200.  I wanted to avoid going into a store for this, because the salespeople ALWAYS try to upsell you, when all you want is something small and basic.  I don’t need a giant freezer that costs $1,000, that is big enough to hold an entire moose.  That is nice if you have a large family, and/or someone in your household hunts.  But it’s just the two of us here, and neither of us hunts.  So why spend the money on something we don’t need?

Okay, back to the story.  When I placed the order online, I selected the earliest delivery date on which there was no Fisher Cats game.  They don’t tell you what the delivery window is until the day before, and I don’t want to miss games because I’m stuck here waiting for a delivery.  It’s been a damned long-assed winter, I’ve waited forever for baseball to return, so damned if I am going to miss any now.  The date I chose was April 16, which was the first day of the team’s current road trip..  I wanted to choose a day when there was nothing else going on; even if they gave me an early delivery window, I don;t trust them to actually come on time.

On March 26, I got an email telling me that the freezer had been shipped from the warehouse to the local store; I assume they meant the one at the Maul of NH, as that would be the closest one to us.  The email reminded me that someone would call me on April 15th, the day before, with the delivery window time info.

On March 15, the day before the scheduled delivery, the Fisher Cats played a daytime game, which started at 10:35AM.  It was Manchester Schools Day, which meant that there would be 5,000 screaming kids running around in the stands..  We decided to attend the game anyway, as the weather was gorgeous, and it had been so long that the weather was not so gorgeous, and we didn’t want to waste even one nice day.  But we chose to watch the game from the Sam Adams Bar & Grill out past left field in the ballpark.  Although it is family-friendly and there is no rule against, kids being in there, they never bring the school or camp groups in, so it was a safe place to watch the game.  I took my phone out of my pocket, make sure that the ringer was turned up as loud as it would go, and had it sitting on the bar the whole time, as I was expecting the call from Best Buy.  Nobody called during the game.  We did some shopping after the game, still, no phone call.

We got home and I checked my email.  There was a message from Best Buy, telling me that they had re-scheduled my delivery date to May 4.  No reason was given in the email.  That’s two and a half WEEKS after the date that I had asked for.  I was royally pissed, so I called the -1-800-BEST-BUY phone number to find out what the hell was going on, and why they re-scheduled my appointment without my permission.  Okay, so I checked and there is no Fisher Cats home game or anything else on that date.  But what if there WAS?  I’m the damned customer, I should get to choose a date that is convenient for ME.

But I didn’t feel like waiting another 2.5 weeks to get the freezer.  I pretty much knew as I tapped in the phone number that I was going to end up canceling this order and buying the freezer elsewhere.  After going through a bunch of menus, I finally got to talk to an actual person.  He pulled up my order and told me that the freezer was NOT at the local store, so they had to re-schedule the delivery.  WTF???  I had gotten an email saying that it had been shipped, what did they do, strap it to the back of a turtle and send it this way?  They had THREE AND A HALF WEEKS to figure this shit out.  Plus, the guy told me that someone tried to call me at 12:40-something PM, but they were “unable to leave a message.  WTF???  NOBODY tried to call me, we were at that ball game at that time, and there were no calls, nothing in “missed calls”.  If they called and I didn’t pick up for some reason, it would have shown up on my phone, but there was nothing there.  There is also nothing wrong with my voice mail, so I call bullshit on all of this.  This actually pissed me off more than not being able to get the freezer the next day; I refuse to do business with anybody who lies to me, if I can help it.  I told the guy to cancel the order, because I was going to buy the freezer elsewhere.  he did cancel it, because I got an email about it a few minutes after the phone call ended.

After  that phone call, I went to the website of Baron’s Major Brands, which has a store right here in town, but they are a local company, ALL of their stores are here in the 603.  Should have gone there in the first place!  They had the exact same freezer that I had ordered from Best Buy, so I ordered it (they have online ordering)..  A few minutes later, I got an email from someone there, telling me that it would cost $50 to deliver it, and if that was okay with me, to let him know and he will process the order.  Yes, that would be fine, so I let him know that.  The next day, April 16, he emailed me back telling me that the first available delivery date was April 21, and if that was okay with me, he’d have someone call me on the 20th to confirm the delivery time window.  I was fine with this and let him know.  And, as promised, they called today and let me know that they’d be coming sometime between 9am and noon tomorrow.  I am confident that i will have a freezer by around this time tomorrow.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Best Buy!

I know we will be needing other large appliances in the future, and I also know that Best Buy will NOT be one of the options for that.  I will never buy so much as a battery from them ever again, and neither should you.  When you shop there, you enable their lying ways.  SPEAK WITH YOUR WALLET!