Best Buy STILL sucks!

bestbuybullshiyYes, they still suck as much as they did when I wrote this post about how badly Best Buy sucks.  Just for the hell of it, I wrote a letter to both the CEO and the Customer Service guy who signs the emails for orders.  I didn’t really want or expect anything from them, I just wanted to let them know that they lost a customer forever due to their suckitude.  If only more consumers would do this, not just speaking with their wallets and shopping elsewhere, but writing letters to tell the offending businesses WHY they chose to shop elsewhere, maybe, finally, these companies will get it.  And if they don’t get it, they can just go out of business due to lack of customers.

Well, the letter above is what I got today.  Can you say LAME, boys and girls?  I knew that you could!  I wonder why they even bothered to respond at all, it is not as if this is going to get me to become a customer again.  And I also call bullshit on how what I said will help change their suckitude.  No doubt they will still suck, day after day, week after week, year after year.

Why?  BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE ARE STUPID!  They will shop at this store, no matter how many other people say it sucks, because they will DIE if they can’t have the giant TV that they are selling on Crack Friday for $200.  They will put up with ANYTHING to get it, claiming they “have to” shop there, because they can’t afford to go anywhere else.  I am convinced that Best Buy makes most of its money over the long weekend of Crack Friday.  And I sit at home in my jammies, watching the news coverage of all of the dumbasses out there in line, just to get dumb shit that they can’t afford and do not even need, and laughing.

Okay, so I’ll give it to Andy here that the way this whole freezer thing was handled was “unprofessional”.  He claims that the freezer I had ordered was unavailable until May 1. . I ordered it from their website on March 22, and NOWHERE did it say that they did not have the freezer in stock, and that it had to be back-ordered..  On May 26, I was told that it had been shipped.  If the freezer was not going to be available until May 1, then what exactly was shipped?  Probably NOTHING.  But why was I not told about this until the day before the delivery date that I chose on their website, while ordering an item that they led me to believe was in stock?

I’ll tell you why.  BAIT & SWITCH.  I am convinced that come May 3, the day before the rescheduled delivery date, I’d have gotten another email with another delay.  These people think that I am just as dumb as the dumb sheeple who loyally shop there, give up on waiting, and choose another freezer that is much more expensive, one that is big enough to hold an entire moose, which they will “just so happen” to have in stock.

I was not about to fall for it.  And I was not going to wait until hell froze over for these idiots to have the freezer I wanted.  I found the exact same one I wanted at Baron’s Major Brands, a local chain, and they managed to get it to me in a few days.  The freezer has been in my basement for a week now, full of food, working well, and I am happy.  Baron’s will definitely be one of the top choices when we need other appliances.

But wait, there’s MORE!  The cancellation email said that the card I used to buy the freezer was NOT charged!  I used my husband’s Capital One Visa card, that is why it’s addressed to him.


I handle the bill payment in this house.  The other day, I was looking at the bills that had come in, including the Capital One bill.  And what did I see, but this?

charge2Yep.  Best Buy has once again proved themselves to be nothing more than lying sacks of SHIT.  I am awaiting the next Capital One statement, to see if they removed this charge or not.  Old Andy is going to be sorry he ever existed, if I do not see a reversal of this charge this month.  I used this same card to buy the freezer from Baron’s, and I am NOT going to be paying for TWO freezers when I only got one.  Maybe I should shoot his sorry ass an email as a warning.  I have a feeling this is going to be a fight, which will end up having to be settled by Capital One.  Trust me, I saved every piece of documentation about this non-transaction.  If these bastards think we are stupid enough to let them steal our money, they are in for a rude awakening.  It seems that MOST of their loyal customers are blindly stupid about shopping with them, so who’d notice a little charge for an item not delivered?  THIS IS HOW THIS SHAM OF A COMPANY STAYS IN BUSINESS – scamming the stupid!  WHEN WILL PEOPLE WAKE UP???

I will never buy so much as a battery from Best Buy ever again.  And neither should anybody else.  There are better places to shop.