The Rules

1.  Don’t be an asshole.

2.  Comments are welcome, but you must use a name or online handle.  “East Armpit, WV Real Estate” is NOT a name.  It will get your ass banned.  A REAL e-mail address must also be used.  This will never be published.

3.  Spammers shall be caught, chained to a 2,500 pound chair, and forced to watch a “Jersey Shore” marathon.  And after that, it’ll be “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.  I will also super-glue headphones to your ears and force you to listen to a Yoko Ono playlist that I’ll be creating especially for this purpose – at full blast.  And after that, you will have to listen to a reading of Vogon poetry.

4.  Don’t be an asshole.

5.  I don’t give a shit about Google Page Rank, SEO, or any of that crap.  This is a personal blog, not a business, and solicitations that assume I am such will be punished under the terms of #3 above.

6.  I do not do link exchanges.  So no, I will not put a link in blinking day-glo orange text in 100 point Impact font on the top of my page, in exchange for a teeny tiny link to my blog buried somewhere on your lame-assed sunglass site.  Peddle it somewhere else.

7.  No, I do not want to write a review of your payday loan company.  Payday loans are evil and I don’t want anyone to take them.  I will, however, consider doing product and service reviews of stuph that is relevant to my life and NH life in general.

8.  Don’t be an asshole.

9.  Don’t insult me or others who comment here.

10.  Don’t be an asshole, and we’ll get along just fine.  kthnxbai.