lifeinthe603I’m Christine.  I live in the 603 (New Hampshire’s one and only area code) with my husband, Mike, five inside kittehs, and a number of outside kittehs who come by to get noms.  We moved here from Massachusetts in  the summer of 2011 to an apartment in Manchester, then moved again about a year later, this time to a house that we bought, also in Manchester.

New Hampshire is a very nice place to live.  It’s much less expensive than Taxachusetts, for one thing.  We have no income or sales tax.  Mike still works in MA, though, so we have to pony up to Deval Patrick every year.  Sucks to have to pay taxes in a place where you can’t vote, but what can you do?  Car insurance is not required, which is why we choose to keep full coverage…still, it costs about half of what it did in MA for the same coverage for the same car.  They kind of get you on property taxes here, but it’s not that bad – considering that a house like this one in a decent neighborhood in MA would have easily cost twice as much as what we paid for this one.

The house – East side of ManchVegas, built in 1920, decor is seriously outdated, because the guy we bought it from is pushing 90 and had owned the place since 1956.  But he did take excellent care of it, and we love it.  Maybe we’ll rip down the wallpaper and the wood paneling, maybe not.  But it’s OURS, and no asshole landlords can make our lives hell, nor do we have to share walls/ceilings with asshole neighbors.  the neighbors here are actually quite nice.

I’m hooked on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, PBS.  The only cooking shows I really hate are that Hungry Girl thing, and anything with Sandra Lee.  However, Alton Brown, Robert Irvine, Michael Symon, Tyler Florence, and Anne Burrell RULE!  So, of course, does the late, great Julia Child!  Favorite shows on other channels include “The Young & The Restless”, “General Hospital”, “The Daily Show”, “The Colbert Report”, and “Dallas” (both the old and the new – RIP Larry Hagman!).

I love beer, but only the good stuff.  Thankfully, the good stuff is plentiful and easy to find around here.  I’ve dabbled a bit in homebrewing, and hope to get back to it soon, once I get my equipment out of storage.

I’m currently getting my craft room together in the house, and then I will also be getting back into scrapbooking and other forms of paper crafting.

I love most kinds of music except for teenybopper shit and rap/hip-hop.  Favorite artists include the Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Straight No Chaser, and New Hampshire’s very own Recycled Percussion.

Mike and I are full-season ticket holders for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Class AA Toronto Blue Jays), and also go to a few Manchester Monarchs games a year (AHL affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings, who won the 2012 Stanley Cup, so our farm team here must be doing something right).  We love the Red Sox, too, but it is too bloody expensive and too much of a pain in the ass to go down there, so we just watch them on TV.  The Fisher Cats and Mona

There is very little I miss about Massachusetts and apartment living.  Here’s to life in the 603!